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Focusing on "Fermentation" as Japanese traditional culture, we prepare various food fermented in homemade beds with seasonings such as Miso, Sake lees, salted Koji, which make our dishes healthier and richer. For lunch, we serve pre-pickled fish and meat with fermented germinated brown rice from contracted farmers. For dinner, you can enjoy fermented dishes of fish and vegetables in season, Oden (a Japanese-style small pot dish), and Kushiage (a deep-fried skewered dish) of fermented foods with more than 50 kinds of Japanese Sake. Either a casual counter seat or a private room for a banquet available.

Seats 46seats
Single room Yes
Estimate 1,000 yen for lunch and 4,500 yen for dinner
Smoking No
To go Yes

Recommended Menu

  • ikkonsansai
    Salted Koji Oden

    Please enjoy many ingredients in a gentle flavored Japanese soup stock made from dried bonito flakes and kelp with salted Koji. Perfectly goes well with Japanese Sake.

  • ikkonsansai
    Crispy Chicken Leg with red pepper soybean paste

    Spicy deep-fried chicken legs marinated in Japanese sweet Sake overnight to soften. Crunchy outside, juicy inside. This favored snack is so instagenic.

  • ikkonsansai
    50 kinds of Japanese Sake

    We always stock about 50 kinds of Japanese Sake including premier ones such as Aramasa, Juyondai, and seasonally limited raw Sake.