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Looking Good

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Hugely popular "toastie" cheese sandwich at MARCHE in London. The menu features an irresistible combination of thick, rich cheeses and savory baked breads. Carefully selected ingredients delight customers with a delicious taste found no place else.

Seats 12seats
Single room None
Estimate 600 yen for lunch and 3,000 yen for dinner
Smoking No
To go Yes

Recommended Menu

  • Looking Good
    Toastie Haggis

    A hot-pressed cheese sandwich including Scotland's local dish "Haggis" as a filling. A toastie sandwich including a filling. This is an irresistible dish for those who love organ meat! The taste is similar to liver pâté.

  • Looking Good
    Lunch combo Toastie Salad Sandwich

    A great value lunch set available during lunch hours (11:00 to 15:00). A toastie sandwich made with toasted bread (your choice of haggis, chicken or vegetables as fillings) as well as a colorful layered vegetable bucho salad and a soft drink.

  • Looking Good
    Party Standard Plan (including 2 hours of all you can drink)

    Party course menu for Dinner Time (17:00 to 21:00). Please enjoy our pride and joy toastie with a total of 5 dishes including a meat dish. The menu includes all you can drink assorted drinks for 2 hours. This plan is available for 2 persons and up.