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Take a Break

Take a Break 店舗イメージ

This new shop is a collaboration between JAPABEN bento lunch boxes filled with Japanese culinary culture and the four seasons and MICOBO, a mug cup brimming with luxurious café style. Good!Nice!Take a Break!

Seats 29seats
Single room None
Estimate from 290 yen to 880 yen
Smoking No
To go Yes

Recommended Menu

  • Take a Break
    Scorched latte(HOT/ICE)

    Come and enjoy the taste of Kobe Mikage in Otemachi, Tokyo. Savory and burnt sugar on top of latte.

  • Take a Break
    Deep fried chicken brown sugar sweet vinegar

    Representative menu since the start of JAPABEN, which is our foundation.

  • Take a Break
    Cold pressed juice

    To balance the body of everyone who works in Otemachi. Cold pressed juice full of vitamins. Squeeze after ordering.