Yakitori Odoriロゴ
Japanese food Yakitori restaurant

Yakitori Odori

Yakitori Odori 店舗イメージ

An original cooking method made with Japan's famous locally bred Satodori poultry doesn't sacrifice flavor. The emphasis is on locally grown ingredients and fresh ingredients. Enjoy the flavor of poultry that enlivens both cuisine and the spirit.

Seats 50seats
Single room Yes
Estimate 900 yen for lunch and from 3,000 yen to 3,500 yen for dinner
Smoking Yes(No smoking during lunchtime)
To go Yes

Recommended Menu

  • Yakitori Odori
    6 piece Omakase Yakitori Assortment

    This is a plate of 6 pieces of carefully grilled meaty and juicy yakitori which is sure to satisfy you.

  • Yakitori Odori
    Odori Mori

    12 pieces of karaage fried chicken made with breast meat. This is a great accompaniment for alcohol.

  • Yakitori Odori
    Drunken Chicken

    Chicken thigh meat marinated in shochu alcohol and cooked to perfection with crispy skin.