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"Kyo-Udon (Kyoto-style Udon noodles)" is the local cuisine in Kyoto district. In partner with Kyoto Katsuobushi Co., Ltd., which was founded in Kyoto in 1877 and has a long and distinguished history, excellent dashi broth is finally brought here in Tokyo. We take much time to carefully prepare the broth every day at our restaurant. Our thin and soft noodles have a springy and gentle texture, holding savor from the broth. The crystal-clear broth is a perfect match for the noodles, and its taste is addictive and comforting. Also, please enjoy Kyoto's home-style dishes, obanzai, with drink available in the evening.

Seats 38seats
Single room None
Estimate 900 yen for lunch and 3,000 yen dinner
Smoking None
To go None

Recommended Menu

  • GOJO
    Udon in thick soup

    Gentle-flavored Udon noodles in thick soup with plenty of grated ginger will warm you, and the delicious taste of the broth will soak into the bottom of your stomach. Various ingredients and toppings, including egg, curry, and beef, are available.

  • GOJO
    Flavored rice with seasonal food

    Please enjoy flavored rice and seasonal food cooked every morning, with our udon.

  • GOJO
    Various Kyoto home-style dishes

    We have a selection of healthy and delicious Kyoto home-style dishes, such as pickled vegetables, yuba (tofu skin), tofu, and seasoned and boiled vegetables, which go with drinks.