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Bonne qúela

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Delicious dishes are prepared using only the most select ingredients. Wine is carefully selected from among natural wines cultivated in Japan and abroad. An inviting bistro for enjoying wine that seems to embrace the cuisine.

Seats 26seats
Single room None
Estimate 1,200 yen for lunch and 5,800 yen for dinner
Smoking No
To go No

Recommended Menu

  • Bonne qúela

    A Bonkras specialty. A course and rich soup that is finished with only fish is an exquisite dish with plenty of collagen.

  • Bonne qúela
    Roast Magrets Duck Breast with Cassis Sauce

    Carefully roasted Magrets Duck which balances meatiness and savoriness well. Enjoy it with a rich and sweet Cassis sauce.

  • Bonne qúela
    Natural Wine

    We normally stock over 1000 wines and only offer pure, natural wines that are gentle for your body and suit food well.