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IseKuwana Kaienishi

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Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture is famous for common orient clams ("Hamaguri" in Japanese). We serve Hamaguri both cultured in the same environment as the city and directly from local fishermen. Please enjoy in various styles including shabushabu (light-boiled in water) and can-steaming. A large selection of local Sake from Mie Prefecture, well matched with Hamaguri, is available. Just eat so much Hamaguri, and you'll be satisfied!

Business hours Weekday:11:15〜14:15(l.o 13:45) / 17:00〜22:30(l.o 21:30)
Saturday:12:00〜14:00(l.o 13:30) / 16:30〜21:30(l.o 20:30) *2nd and 4th Saturdays only
Seats 40seats
Single room No
Estimate 1,200 yen for lunch and 6,500 yen for dinner
Smoking No
To go No

Recommended Menu

  • IseKuwana Kaienishi
    Gan-gan Yaki (Can-steamed Hamaguri clams) 1kg

    Our original menu steams 1kg (about 30 pieces) of Hamaguri clams in a can. You will be fully satisfied with umami flavor of Hamaguri clams.

  • IseKuwana Kaienishi
    Hamaguri Shabu-shabu

    A local dish in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture. Please enjoy Hamaguri clams in a shabu-shabu style with dried bonito and kelp broth in a pot. The umami flavors of amino acids and succinic acid harmonize with each other and also make your skin beautiful!

  • IseKuwana Kaienishi
    Wild Hamaguri set menu

    Very reasonable contents for 6,000 Yen (Incl. tax) with assorted sashime, seasonal salads, Hamaguri shabu-shabu. Served Hamaguri will be 8- to 10-year-old and 6- to 7-year-old wild ones (from Mie Prefecture), and 3- to 5-year-old farm-raised ones, served in a shabu-shabu style. Shabu-shabu hotpot will be capped off with noodles or the rice porridge as you like. Since we have to prepare much food for this set menu, please kindly make a reservation at least 3 days in advance.